SPA - The Chinese Way

Because your nails deserve the best of care, all our treatments are made by hand using eco-friendly and natural products.

    Cutie Care PHILOSOPHY

    The Spa is designed to deliver and experience traditional and high quality Asian care and services. Be pampered either by a Asian specialist sculpting your nails, trimming your feet or massaging your body.

    All treatments and services are delivered by hand using to the outmost natural and eco-friendly products. In the SPA, we have designed support systems that goes beyond the qualifications required in Sweden to provide a safe and sound working environment, ensuring high customer satisfactions. Nail extensions are made by hand; nail art and sculpting done by hand by our Chinese specialists that has years of experience.

    All services are delivered by hand where machines cutting and trimming nails or massaging your body are abandoned. The idea is to deliver a personalized experience where the nails are sculpted, your body given unique attention, delivering services tailor-made to your specific needs.

    Asian Care

    Pampered Asian style by therapists who has been trained in and are from Asia, ensuring an experience truly Asian.

    Natural Product

    The store and the services, to highest extent possible, use natural and eco-friendly products in order to deliver green and environmental friendly services that also has benefits your nails and skin.


    The services are delivered in a quiet relaxing environment with soothing music and refreshing Chinese teas and high quality Swedish roasted coffee. You can enjoy a couple massage in our private treatments rooms in Mall of Scandinavia.

    Made by hand

    The therapists are trained to clean and make up your nails and feet without minimal artificial equipment and no machines. Every nail is given special attention.


    All the therapists have years of extensive experience and training. The head nail therapists have been teaching at the leading nail school in Beijing for more than 3 years. The head foot massage therapist have been massaging feet for more than 10 years at the premier massage place in Beijing.


    Trying to recreate a piece of China in Stockholm, the stores have been designed by Chinese designers with furniture made in China to provide a feel of being in China when receiving nail treatment or foot massage. Situated centrally at Fridhemsplan, Kungsholmen; in Mall of Scandinavia in Solna and Saltjöbaden’s Centrum, the stores provide a piece of China in a tranquil and relaxing environment.

    Lin Lu
    Nail Artist

    Moving from China to the beautiful and lovely Stockholm, apart from missing the great Chinese food, I also found the lack of a great nail Spa. Something that I came to appreciate in China.

    A relaxing place, with no stress, gorgeous and creative nails that could express my own personality. The way I have designed the SPA also reflects my appreciation of Chinese culture and I want to share this with the people who will join us here.

    I wanted to create “A piece of China” in Stockholm. It’s not only a nail spa but also massage place, as I found some great people to deliver Chinese foot massage and much more but also the whole environment and setting is all inspired by China. The design, the music, the tea (of course, great Chinese tea is served to our clients) and the furniture. The environment is not noisy, crowded but private, yet open and relaxing. “


    Mall of Scandinavia, Second floor, Råsta Strandväg 13C, 16979 Solna, Sweden


    Cutie Nails Kungsholmen

    Drottningholmsvägen 58, 11219 Stockholm, Sweden


    Cutie Nails Saltsjöbaden

    Saltsjöbaden Centrum, Nacka.